Monday, September 25, 2017

Flicker of thoughts...

Fall has arrived in Arizona for the 20th time which is how long we've lived here now.  I like the Fall colors but do not like the Dark!
We more or less just arrived back from a 20-day cruise that took us to Iceland, Greenland and Scotland.  Much enjoyable!
October will arrive this Sunday, and it happens to be my birthday.  I do not really celebrate my birthdays except when it is a Big number, i.e., 70, 75, etc.  So my next big one is or will be in four more years.
Everything these days happens fast.  The months disappear before you know it.  The weeks are shorter.  The day seems to end before it has started.  And it isn't just that time flies by me but all the new fandangle stuff that gets updated practically as soon as you've learned something new!  It is very annoying.  Facebook is one of those sites that I'd like to just opt out of, but by the same breath I do enjoy reading of my family & friends - a sort of keeping up with things in general.
And then there is Windows and/or Microsoft whichever you'd like to refer "it" to?  They just change things and move my tabs off and put their own in!!  Drives me totally mad!
Then one has to worry about Hacking and stealing of identities... there's just too much to keep track of!  I get tired just reading about it!
Well, just a few lines of not much to say or add....I'm not in the mood for now...
I am looking forward to November when we'll venture out again on a cruise.  This time to Australia and Paupau New Guinea...a place I've always liked to see - head hunter and such....!
After that then it is December with Christmas/God Jul och Gott Nytt År!
Okay, this is enough for now.

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