Thursday, October 2, 2008

October, month of the Libra the scale of balance...

Here it is a new month and about three weeks since my last thoughts were put to blogging...
Some events prevented me from signing into a new post-it besides time just passes me by too fast. We are about to venture out on a car trip with our new GPS gadget and look forward to the challenge that we won't get lost. We rarely do get lost even without this GPS, but it is still a fun and interesting event to try and master.
As I've stated in my earlier commentary I would not resort to the political hysteria that is reigning upon us, but with the VP debate completed this evening I have a hard time to stay away from the topic. I think Gov. Palin did a great job!!
With this evening almost coming to an end, past my reclining posture, I will not be able to start on an elaborate adventure of trips to Africa that we have taken in the recent past. I have some short videos to go along with my narratives. Instead it will have to be shelved until the end of Oct.
Going on a short car trip to try out our GPS system is not a desirable event, but having visitors from afar sets the every day events on a high. We are looking forward to our visitors from Sweden arriving in the next couple of days. The interest of exploring all the fabulous state and national parks is of the essence. So, until we have gained some adventures and our guests have fulfilled their desires while visiting this will have to suffice until the end of Oct.
Signing off as usual, Amalia

Monday, September 15, 2008

Daily news agendas

Today, is Monday 15 Sept '08, and not much happened in the life of a retiree. However, after reading the morning's newspapers ( The Arizona Republic, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal) I got a mind full of good and bad news. So, I had to get rid of it (the bad news) and took off for my hourly aerobic exercises. If it didn't help my mind it certainly helped my physical being for the duration.
I also completed framing old black & white pictures of my family, the older generation. Tasks such as this always get put on the back burner so I was proud of myself for getting some of it done. I'm trying to work on a written family memoir to go along with a huge volume of family & relative's picture album that I constructed in time for the year 2000 and the 90's birthdays of my parents. My mother's was in April and my father's in July; unfortunately, my father didn't make it to his, but three days after my mother's he had a fatal heart attack. I like working on family geneology, and have for the most part done my father's side. Next is furthering my mother's side as a cousin started it a few years ago.
I said in my initial Newbie post that I would not bring damning situations into this blog-world of mine, but it is hard to read every morning's newspaper and listening to TV news every evening and not get either mad or almost hostile to the world beyond this one, AmaliasWorld. So, I may make some comments in between if for no other reason than to went my frustrations.
This is it for this evening, and have a good one...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A new day dawning and the world has received a few wrinkles here and there. Ike with his fierce winds and fellow friend Neptune has tortured the Houston/Galveston area and far beyond those borders. I keep finding new names in the music world some I know and some I don't. iTune gives me the option to find, listen and buy. It's a great tool that both my iPod and I can relate to. Today, being a Saturday, it is no difference than if it was a Tuesday or Thursday; since I retired earlier this year to distinguish a week day (or working day) with a Saturday/Sunday is almost nil. To me every day is a Saturday! Some times it can get a little boring if I was truly to think of every day as a Saturday.
My blog is not 100 % up to snuff, yet, as I'm learning there is so many things that can be added to enhance the settings, layout, and etc. You'd think that I should have all the time in the world to spend on this site, being retired and all. But let me tell you, the day isn't long enough for me to fulfill all the other "stuff" that I do. My exercise classes (5 times) a week gives me the run for the money...but it's worth it as I feel great and have lost some (with age) flab as it was...
Like I said, time has a way of running...and so, this is it for now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The beginning of a Blogger

Being a novice in anything is trial and error but with the Internet world it can get pretty scary for newbies like me. I thought it could be a fun and informative venue to learn from, to add to one's own experience and knowledge. As well as to give to others what I may have to offer.
Any one who would like to take a "chance on me," words borrowed from one of the songs in the movie "Mama Mia," are welcome to chat away with me. Any topic to start with and let it fall where it may...
As we all know, the media frenzie for the posturing presidential candidates can and is a little more sometime than what is really needed. It has gotten to the point I don't want to hear about it anymore. So, unless there are valid and good commentaries to this effect I will try to refrain from touching on the subject. There are so many other matters and topics more easier to discuss or chat about.