Monday, September 15, 2008

Daily news agendas

Today, is Monday 15 Sept '08, and not much happened in the life of a retiree. However, after reading the morning's newspapers ( The Arizona Republic, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal) I got a mind full of good and bad news. So, I had to get rid of it (the bad news) and took off for my hourly aerobic exercises. If it didn't help my mind it certainly helped my physical being for the duration.
I also completed framing old black & white pictures of my family, the older generation. Tasks such as this always get put on the back burner so I was proud of myself for getting some of it done. I'm trying to work on a written family memoir to go along with a huge volume of family & relative's picture album that I constructed in time for the year 2000 and the 90's birthdays of my parents. My mother's was in April and my father's in July; unfortunately, my father didn't make it to his, but three days after my mother's he had a fatal heart attack. I like working on family geneology, and have for the most part done my father's side. Next is furthering my mother's side as a cousin started it a few years ago.
I said in my initial Newbie post that I would not bring damning situations into this blog-world of mine, but it is hard to read every morning's newspaper and listening to TV news every evening and not get either mad or almost hostile to the world beyond this one, AmaliasWorld. So, I may make some comments in between if for no other reason than to went my frustrations.
This is it for this evening, and have a good one...

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