Thursday, October 2, 2008

October, month of the Libra the scale of balance...

Here it is a new month and about three weeks since my last thoughts were put to blogging...
Some events prevented me from signing into a new post-it besides time just passes me by too fast. We are about to venture out on a car trip with our new GPS gadget and look forward to the challenge that we won't get lost. We rarely do get lost even without this GPS, but it is still a fun and interesting event to try and master.
As I've stated in my earlier commentary I would not resort to the political hysteria that is reigning upon us, but with the VP debate completed this evening I have a hard time to stay away from the topic. I think Gov. Palin did a great job!!
With this evening almost coming to an end, past my reclining posture, I will not be able to start on an elaborate adventure of trips to Africa that we have taken in the recent past. I have some short videos to go along with my narratives. Instead it will have to be shelved until the end of Oct.
Going on a short car trip to try out our GPS system is not a desirable event, but having visitors from afar sets the every day events on a high. We are looking forward to our visitors from Sweden arriving in the next couple of days. The interest of exploring all the fabulous state and national parks is of the essence. So, until we have gained some adventures and our guests have fulfilled their desires while visiting this will have to suffice until the end of Oct.
Signing off as usual, Amalia

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