Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 forward too fast...

Already we have arrived into May, and that's almost in the middle. Spring has come with quite favorable temperatures for our so called normal degrees. In other words, not as hot. I'm glad as the heat has become a little more hot for me for what ever reason. This year began with a bang. I was diagnosed with a so called "soft tissue sarcoma." Not very faborable in the cancer department. A large tumor has been removed on my left thigh. The usual conclusion for these kind of surgery is that we believe or think everything was removed. The fact is usually they don't know for sure. Now I'll be watched for the next 5 yrs. or so by specifically having tests done progressively the first two years. So, in essence, time will tell which road it will take. I feel positive and so I don't really fret about it. At this writing I'm not sure if radiation will be employed. I'm hopeful there will be no need for it. Until further updates, I'll sign off for this time.

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